We are a team of professionals with broad experience in the communications field of Brazil and Latin America.

Coming from different parts of Brazil and Argentina, it was destiny and work in Buenos Aires that brought us together. After meeting in the writers department of the Walt Disney Company, we became not only colleagues but also friends. Ultimately, we decided to become independent and create Nido.

Together, we add knowledge, share experience and multiply ideas. We all come from different professional backgrounds, but we all have always worked with words and communication.
We produce content for digital media, as well as print and audiovisuals for Brazil and the rest of Latin America.

Ciana Lago

Ciana Lago

Rio de Janeiro – Buenos Aires

Fernanda Ilgenfritz

Fernanda Ilgenfritz

Porto Alegre – Buenos Aires

Ana Manfrinatto

Ana Manfrinatto

São Paulo – Paris


There is more than one way to tell you what we do, but we choose the most straightforward: we dedicate ourselves to the creation of strategic content.

It can be digital media, audiovisual content, print, publicity, fiction, and journalist or corporate media.

We work in Spanish, Portuguese, English and French.

With multimedia and multilingualism, it is indispensable to our content to create responses to the peoples’ interests and to engage everyone to share, comment, and participate.


– Branded Content
– Development and maintenance of social media and blogs
– Journalistic content
– Corporate  communication
– Revision of texts


– Transcreation
– Translation
– Audiovisual translation
– Technical translation
– Web pages localization
– Transcription


We use voices in native Portuguese, neutral Spanish and English for advertising material, as well as institutional and journalistic content.


  • Alcon Novartis
  • Buenos Aires Bus
  • Cencosud
  • Fox_Life
  • Hogarth
  • Nat Geo
  • netflixpq
  • plataforma
  • Turner
  • Walt Disney
  • W3 s


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